v2.7.2 Update Available on Chrome Store

Hi there,

As an emergency fix, we have provided you v2.7.1 manually update, so you can keep working on the day-to-day activity until the approval of the new release of Promote Route in Chrome store.

Finally, the Google Chrome Store approved the new release of v2.7.2 of Promote Route.

As the v2.7.1 was installed manually, it will not update to v2.7.2 automatically so we need to update that manually once again. 

It is a simple process and we will guide you step by step:

  1. Export all of your current data of Promote Route [So you can restore them again]
  2. Go to your Extension Tab
  3. Find the “Promote Route: A Better WhatsApp™ Experience” Extension and click on “REMOVE”
  4. For some users,  v2.7 and v2.7.1 are both installed there, Please “REMOVE” both
  5. Once there is no “Promote Route: A Better WhatsApp™ Experience” installed in your chrome browser, now its time to install the latest one
  6. Go to this URL – https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/promote-route-a-better-wh/lgfomefmfkpdfhndeaaikffjbfobajbg/ and install the newest version v2.7.2
  7. Once installed then log in as usual and import your previously exported data (from the 1st step)
  8. That’s it, Start using it now

If you found difficulty in this process then connect us on live chat now!

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