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Every good relationship starts with a conversation. This has been true for a long time and continues. Today, people and businesses are increasingly connecting through WhatsApp. WhatsApp is today’s big platform to use for conversations.

Promote Route’s newly introduced feature “Smart Reply” helps WhatsApp uses to give automatic replies to their customers based on their predefined keywords.

How does it work?

Add relevant keywords, questions, dialogues, and answers into smart replies message.

Reply Name

  • Generally, users write here their smart reply name with their use case. You can write here whatever name suits your use case.
  • E.g. Welcome Greetings, New Customer Smart Reply, Ticket received, Order Shipped, Thank You Message etc.

Smart Reply Status

  • Running: Smart reply is continuously running and execute when the condition match 
  • Pause: Smart reply is paused now, not running

Basic Settings

Smart Reply Execute For: Define whom you want to send

  • Individuals: It means one-to-one chat conversation
  • Groups: It means inside a groups chat conversation
  • Further, there are multiple options for the groups
  • All Groups: Smart reply will execute on all groups
  • Selected Group: You can choose the groups where do you want to execute the smart reply [Here you have Select Group For Execute Smart Reply option for the select group]

Execute Conditions: Define conditions to execute smart reply

Execute for Every Incoming Message

  • Be careful while using this selection, It will execute your smart reply every time you receive the incoming message as per configuration
  • This will be helpful when you want to send a common greeting message or out-of-office type of information
  • Execute for Selected Keywords
    • You can add as many keywords as you want and when the condition match, it will execute the Smart reply.
    • Just type your keyword or whole sentence and press enter to add them
    • If you want to execute the Smart reply when someone sends keywords like JOIN, SUBSCRIBE, LEAVE, BLOCK, or many more…
  • Case Sensitive
    • On: When you put Case Sensitive On, “JOIN” and “Join” both will be identified as a DIFFERENT keyword
    • Off: When you put Case Sensitive Off, “JOIN” and “Join” both will be identified as the SAME keyword
  • Keywords match conditions are
    • Whole keyword match: Check the whole keyword from the received message
    • Start with a keyword:  Check starting word from the received message
    • End with a keyword: Check ending word from the received message
    • Contain the keyword: Check to contain keywords from the received message

Smart Reply Message: Define what you want to do after keyword conditions match

  • Do not send a message
    • Select this option for perform actions only [If this is selected then ACTIONS will be compulsory]
  • Send Message
    • Select this option to send a message
    • Select template for select Message template message
    • If you have selected Individuals reply type then you have personalized option contactname and whatsappname
    • If you have selected Groups reply type then you have personalized option contactname, whatsappname, and groupname
  • Reply Groups Messages as Privately in One to One Chat
    • Select this option for a reply message to private from group
  • Reply with Quote to the Sender’s Message
    • Reply with Quote message

Advance Actions

Before Reply: Do action before smart reply execute

  • Show Typing Status
    • Show typing status before sending a message
  • Dynamic Delay
    • Add a delay before sending a message
  • Don’t Execute, When the Chat Conversation is OPEN
    • Stop executing smart reply while your conversation is open

After Reply: Do action after smart reply execute

  • Custom Tab Actions
    •  Add or remove conversation in Custom Tab
  • Group Actions
    • Add or remove contacts in Group
  • Archive Actions
    •  Archive or Unarchive Conversation
  • Block User
    •  Block sender contact

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