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🫣 Version 2.6.2 [29th Apr 2022]

The team is working 24/7 to fulfill your requests and polish the Promote Route as perfectly as possible, so one more release before the weekend…
  • Now you can send the Images/Videos and Documents with Text Messages, It’s not mandatory anymore
  • Some small screen users having issues with our side panel, now it’s scrollable so no more issues
  • Webhook bug fix and other improvements


💡Version 2.6.1 [27th Apr 2022]

  • Increased attachment limits from 4 to 12
  • Send Audio as recorded rather than attachment
  • Now you can see the remaining numbers while sending
  • Pabbly Connect Integration is Live


💡Version 2.6 [25th Apr 2022]

  • Webhook Module
  • Introducing a new “PRO Plus” Plan for Advance Users
  • Option for Yearly Subscription [Disocunted Rate, Only pay for 10 months instead of 12 Months – 2 Months Free]
  • Option for upgrade or downgrade your subscription
  • Option for increase or decrease the number of devices [Around 10% discount when purchasing more than 5 devices]
  • Affiliate Program


🌟Version 2.5 [24th Mar 2022]

Within 10 days, we are ready with a brand new feature – “Campaign”, Now you can Schedule your Messages, with Advance ways.

🆕 Campaign – Create the Campaign as per your need:
✅ Instant – Execute campaign now
✅ Schedule – Execute campaign for a future date or time
✅ Draft – Save campaigns for future use
✅ Send to Individuals
✅ Send to Groups
✅ Send to Broadcasts
✅ Send to Custom tabs
✅ Simple or Personalized Messages
✅ Advance Actions: Archive chat after Send Messages
✅ Advance Actions: Block chat after Send Messages
✅ Advance Actions: Resume if window reloads
✅ Advance Actions: Autostart if time has gone
✅ Clone campaign
✅ Archive campaign
✅ Download delivery report of Campaign
✅ And more…

🆕 Campaign – Import Export – You can also share your Campaign with others or save it for later use if you are planning to uninstall or change the device.

🆕 New Payment Integration – Today, we are switched to the new payment provider which is advanced and has the flexibility to subscribe effectively. Now you can increase the number of devices per license key as per your need.

Also, We have a 10% Discount if you are looking to use your license key on more than 5 devices.
So go and grab It now & Thanks for your support 🙂


💪 Version 2.4  [14th Mar 2022]

The most awaited feature is here – “Smart Reply”, no more repetitive task, no more wait for to reply your customer, no more faq’s reply manually and many more…. the Opportunities are endless. 

  • Smart Reply – Create the smart reply as per your need to automate the tasks & WhatsApp Conversations Like: [Checkout Youtube Video]
    • Send Messages
    • Mark Read the Conversation
    • Add/Remove into Custom Tabs
    • Add/Remove into Group
    • Archive/Unarchive the Conversation
    • Reply with Quote
    • Reply on Specific Days Only
    • Reply with Keyword Match
    • Reply to Individuals as well as in Groups Directly
    • Block the Users
    • And more…
  • Smart Reply – Import Export – You can also share your Smart reply with others or save it for later use if you are planning to uninstall or change the device.
  • Minor bug fixing and performance improvement.

Also, we would love to know your use case on how you are going to use it, please share it with us via email or in our Facebook group.


🔥 Version 2.3.1  [10th Mar 2022] [HOTFIX]

The issue was occurred due to WhatsApp’s recent update and affected county like Brazil mainly.  Our team is already provided the quick fix inside our Facebook Group, so the existing users will not suffer. But this is the official release for all.

  • Invalid WhatsApp Number issue fixed.
  • Message not sending with 9 digits for Brazilian customers fixed.


💎 Version 2.3  [28th Feb 2022]

Another week and another exciting release…

  • Custom Tabs – You are able to create unlimited Tabs and assign contacts to them to streamline your work. [Checkout Youtube Video]
  • Message Template – You can save your regular messages as templates and use them multiple times. [Checkout Youtube Video]
  • Send Message – Send Message using Broadcast’s contacts and Tab’s Contacts
  • Export Contact – You can now Export Broadcast & Tabs contacts
  • Custom Tabs Import & Export – You can export your Custom Tab contact and import it.
  • Message Template Import & Export – You can export your message template and share it with others and same you can import as well. 
  • Import Export Tool – Import/Export All Custom Tabs and Message template 


✨ Version 2.2  [16th Feb 2022]

Lots of things are delivered from the roadmap in this release and your favorite feature “QUICK SEND” is back.


🔥 Version 2.1  [10th Feb 2022]

First of all thanks for your love 💖 and support 🤝for our new version.

Also, extremely sorry for the inconvenience as it’s a big update and there is some learning curve but Our team is working round the clock to fix the issue and the hotfix release is ready for the most common problem you have faced in the past few days.

  • Conflict with other extensions are fixed now
  • Fixed the search issue with Select All | None | Inverse
  • Improved the dynamic value import feature
  • Not being able to send messages due to conflict is resolved now
  • Message not sending with 9 in the Brazilian numbers are permanently fixed
  • Other small-small improvements.


🆕 Version 2.0  [7th Feb 2022]

We have a whole new Promote Route for you.

From our New logo to a whole new layout inside WhatsApp Web, no more switching between extension popup and WhatsApp Web.

  • No more extension Popup, It’s 100% inside your WhatsApp Web
  • Brand new “Prepare & Send” view
  • Tabs – We Organized the Chaos
    • All tab 👉 No filter applied
    • Unread tab 👉 Chats that have unread messages
    • Personal 👉 One-to-one conversations
    • Groups tab 👉 Group conversations
    • Broadcast 👉 Broadcast conversations
    • Business tab 👉 Business account
    • Official tab 👉 Verified business accounts
  • Attachment Sending is now smooth
  • Increased number of sending attachments from 1 to 4 and Unlimited for Contacts.
  • Audio Attachments are  supported now
  • Unlimited Personalization values – Yes, No more restrictions
  • Dynamic Delay added now for more safety
  • Delivery Reports are now available in TXT, CSV, and Excel Format
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