Beta Testing

Thanks for your Interest to Join our BETA Testing Program.

You will receive an email from us with the whole process and How to Get Started.

We are just an email [ [email protected] ] away if you need any further assistance.

Follow the below steps to install the v2.4.1 BETA version, Your feedback to improve Promote Route is most welcome.

Steps to Active v2.4.1 BETA:

  1. Download v2.4.1 BETA from here – []
  2. Open Downloaded folder and follow the below steps OR Follow this video : []
  3. Unzip the v2.4.1 BETA folder
  4. Go to your Chrome Browser
  5. Enable Developer mode in extension []
  6. Remove Promote Route Extension []
  7. Click on “Load unpacked” []
  8. Open the v2.4.1 BETA folder and Select it []
  9. Now WhatsApp will open.

You successfully install our v2.4.1 BETA in your system, Now you can start exploring and testing it.

What to Test:

  1. Campaign – Create Multiple Campaigns. Make them Schedule for later dates or run now. Clone, Pause, Archive, and Many More… Give it a try…
  2. Campaign – Import Export – You can also share your Campaign with others or save it for later use if you are planning to uninstall or change the device.

How to report a Bug:

  1. You can directly report the bug from the Extension itself – []
  2. Or you can just click on this link – and Report the bug


  • We are planning to launch the version ASAP and make it publically available by next week, So request you to test it as soon as possible and report bugs or provide your feedback.
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